Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about MHLA. Click on the question to see the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is there a need for MHLA?
The formation of MHLA was long overdue in order to balance up the fair representations for Hindu Lawyers and for the Hindu Community which needs various issues to be addressed.
2What is the meaning of the slogan “Dharmo Rakshati Rakhshitaha”?
This slogan means: ‘Dharma protects those who protect it’. Most Hindus believe that Dharma in its widest sense will offer devotees protection or ‘raksha’ but that requires Dharma itself to be promoted and protected. Every individual seeks this protection in many different forms and for various reasons- including attaining emotional strength in times of difficulty and to seek the right direction to reach the appropriate goal. This principle goes one step further and emphasises that Raksha or protection will only be offered by God to individuals who actively protect Hindu Dharma in society. The MHLA has a unique purpose in seeking to promote the values of Hindu Dharma. Furthermore, MHLA combines professionalism with religious duties. Work is Worship, Duty is Divine.
3Are there any plans to expand the membership of MHLA in order to admit non-practising lawyers?
Certainly, this is in the pipeline.
4What are the immediate plans for MHLA?
Roadshows to recruit more members.
5What are your future plans?
Among our future plans is to form an Advisory Board / Intellectual Cell of Lawyers and also register a Co-operative Society. We also plan to run Free Legal clinics for members of the public and training seminars for members. We invite members to suggest practical programmes and activities in line with our objectives.